The Edge

Ask any 498A victim to list his enemies and he will name his (ex)wife, in-laws, anti-male laws, law enforcement, lawyers, judiciary, feminists,…and the list can go on.

Most victims forget to name, or have never identified two crucial enemies, which should in fact be on the top of the list:

1) Fear
2) Frozen mind

It’s important to understand that with these two enemies residing within you, no amount of legal guidance will help you get through your problems.

If you deal with these two enemies at the right time and in the right way, you’ll have the edge, and you’ll cut through any problem like it’s a piece of cake.

Why is he (the rabbit) unafraid? Because he is smarter than the panther.

Charles Morse: You know, I once read an interesting book which said that, uh, most people lost in the wilds, they, they die of shame.
Stephen: What?
Charles Morse: Yeah, see, they die of shame. “What did I do wrong? How could I have gotten myself into this?” And so they sit there and they… die. Because they didn’t do the one thing that would save their lives.
Robert Green: And what is that, Charles?
Charles Morse: Thinking.


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