Bait and fish

Over the years, many people, on various forums and yahoogroups, have wondered what happens to 498A girls after they successfully destroyed their marriage. What happens to them in 3, 5, 10, 15, 20…years?

Having been around courts quite a bit, I’ve seen seemingly normal women become practically unrecognizable in less than 5 years. Some turn into nervous eaters and double in size and weight. Some become complete mental wrecks. Some become delusional and start feeling that they are doing great social service by being a legal terrorist. Those who persist more than five years become courtroom bums, fighting cases all their life as a full time profession regardless of the outcome.

Of late, I have noticed a new phenomenon whereby the “young and restless” 498A girls take to baiting new fish or become fish for someone’s bait. And surprisingly enough, for every bait, there is a fish somewhere. The fish looks at the bait and thinks “what a stupid bait, just waiting to be eaten!”. The bait thinks, “what a stupid fish, eagerly coming to get hooked!”.

A legal terrorist being desperate for a new “bakra” may seem understandable. But why would ANY man want to become a sacrificial lamb at the altar of a legal terrorist? Watch the following video and you’ll know why:


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