Win-win strategy

There are three assumptions people make when they set out to fight legal terrorists:

1) I will go to court and get justice.

2) I am strong because I have a lot of evidence to prove my case or disprove theirs.

3) I win if I a get verdict in my favor (my petition is allowed and their petition is dismissed).

Anyone who works with the above assumptions is highly mistaken and not surprisingly, the most disappointed at the end of the day. You must realize that these assumptions don’t hold because the dice is already heavily loaded against you and the pitch is uneven.

What I learned from the great Gurus is that you should not focus so much on the outcome of a case. Instead, you should focus on setting up the game such that whatever the outcome may be, you stand to gain. Right from the start, you play in such a way that no matter what happens, you win.

If you can internalize this lesson and design your strategy you will NEVER be disappointed. You will always go to court as if you went to play your favorite game, which you already know you will win.

Don’t understand what I mean?

Everybody knows that if you score a goal, you win. You should also know that if your opponents score a self-goal, you still win. The most efficient strategy in the “Art of War” against legal terrorism is to enable your opponents to score goals for you. Here are some illustrations of a self-goal:


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