Pump fake

Everyday, I come across people struck by 498a and the entire menu or a subset of accompanying civil and criminal provisions.

Persons who otherwise consider themselves highly intelligent, academically accomplished and professionally successful suddenly realize that all their intellectual prowess, social and professional contacts are rendered ineffective when they need them the most.

Most of them are way too shaken to dig themselves out of the muck. They are way too demoralized and emotional to use their head. The law enforcement and judicial system being completely loaded against them does not help the process of healing or fighting back. As a result, they succumb to blackmail and extortion.

When I tell people to fight back, they ask me how. While any strategy should be developed based on the variable circumstances of the case, there are certain basic principles one has to follow in the “Art of War” against legal terrorists. In the interest of those who really want to learn I will try to post some lessons I learned during my own battles.

One such basic principle is called a “pump fake” in sports, and it is illustrated below:



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