A fair deal

The other day, I overheard a conversation that Princess is super confident the judge will pass an order for at least Rs. 10 lakhs as permanent alimony. 7 days of togetherness without consummation of marriage, and clinching a booty of Rs. 10 lakhs definitely sounds like a fantastic deal, doesn’t it? It explains why Princess was glowing the last couple of times I saw her.

My question is, why only Rs. 10 lakhs, when Princess was actually demanding 25 lakhs? (http://498a-legalextortion.blogspot.com/)

In earlier posts (https://ilovemyex.wordpress.com/2010/07/ and https://ilovemyex.wordpress.com/2010/08/), I had suggested some honorable ways of making 25 lakhs, and what I’d do IF I had 25 lakhs. But having seen Princess fighting so desperately and relentlessly just for money, at the expense of her self-respect and dignity, even ignoring the inevitable phenomenon of aging, I felt like I have to come up with a deal.

The following table gives the age until which Princess would have to remain unmarried and the corresponding monetary award she would be eligible for*:

Age Award (in rupees)
40 25
50 250
60 2,500
70 25,000
80 2,50,000
90 25,00,000

*Subject to availability of funds and the benefactor’s viability at each time point.

Fair enough, isn’t it?


One Response to A fair deal

  1. Arnab says:

    Let the judge order whatever. Why follow the law when eveybody just breaks it in this country ? Just take the case to the HC and then SC and then see princess become a pauperess.

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