Liar! Liar!

October 11, 2010


Say NO to Alimony!

October 7, 2010

Princess, aided by her illegal advisers, employed every nasty tactic possible to suppress the TRUTH.

While we relentlessly fight to uphold the truth and our dignity, Princess has been equally tenacious in her pursuit i.e. to get her hands on money that is not hers, money that she tried to extort ( by subjecting us to the worst kind of pressure and harassment, money that she calls alimony.

I recently read the following words of wisdom on a blog:

Alimony promotes idleness,

which leads to obesity

and related health problems in women.

Everyone knows we love Princess. How can we ever do anything that will have a negative impact on her? You know what I mean?


Point of view

October 5, 2010

I always wonder what brain food Princess eats! Her point of view leaves me awestruck (kind of like this) every time she speaks of her acts and those of her private legal terrorist outfit (let’s call it the KKD).

I had the misfortune of being struck by her “awful” point of view today (I’d rather be struck by a lightning next time).

Princess knows we never asked her for anything in all these years. However, given that I am so fascinated with her point of view, at the risk of being labeled demanding, I wish Princess would read the story published at the following link and do the following two assignments for me!

1) Imagine YOU (Princess) are the crocodile. Retell the story from your point of view.

2) Imagine YOU (Princess) are the crocodile. You are sorry for your evil plans. Write a letter of apology to the monkey.