Yesterday, I noticed Princess walk into the temple in the Court premises and she stayed in there for a long time. I presume she was praying to God and asking Him/Her to make everything alright.

I remembered the following verse of Yogi Vemana:

Atma Suddhi lEni AchAra madi yEla
bhAMDa Suddhi lEni pAkamEla
chitta Suddhi lEni Siva pooja lElaraa
viSwadAbhirAma vinura vEma”

ఆత్మ శుద్ధి లేని ఆచార మది యేల
భాండ శుద్ధి లేని పాకమేల
చిత్త శుద్ధి లేని శివ పూజ లేలరా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ


Listen Vema,

What is the use of performing a ritual without purity of soul?

What is the use of a meal prepared in a dirty dish?

What is the use of praying to Lord Siva when your mind is unclean?


2 Responses to Prayer

  1. Gokul.P.R says:

    The purpose and result of prayer is to conjure up ones on faculties, to get single-minded focus on what one desires, but if the desires are not righteous any amount of prayer won’t accomplish anything.

    On the other hand, paraphrasing Khalil Gibran, if one is on a righteous path, and desires something so dearly, nature conspires to make it happen.

    One cannot deceive his own conscience, even if one believes so!.

  2. Balaji says:

    I think every one should learn this poem…especially girls who donnot care men and thier values

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