Raksha Bandhan

In year 2005, my brother’s wedding ceremony began during the final hours of Sravana Suddha Chaturdasi and concluded on Sravana Paurnami (Raksha Bandhan).

What followed a few months after the fateful day taught me that brothers need (raksha) protection too. I learned what it really takes to love a brother and be there for him during his toughest times.

Here’s a beautiful song which aptly describes how I feel about my brother


Since Raksha Bandhan 2005, I have been adopted as a sister by so many brothers that I’d have to buy an entire store if I had to send Rakhis to all.

Here’s a digital Rakhi and my warmest wishes to all my brothers:

I thank my parents for giving me Anil, a wonderful brother and the BEST. I thank Princess for the rest.


4 Responses to Raksha Bandhan

  1. Gokul.P.R says:

    What you did to defend your family’s rights will inspire a lot more sisters, and brothers too, in the times to come. Moreover your courage and self-worth would also inspire a lot of girls to seek out their place in this world and achieve their goals and true potential on their own steam.

    We are all very proud of such sisters, more power to ladies like you Uma. May you have the strength to keep doing what’s right, irrespective of whether its a popular choice or politically correct.

  2. while the mens movement in india has given me countless brothers, i am proud that this movement has given me a gem of a sister.

    happy raksha bandhan.

  3. B.K.Agrawal says:

    Hi Uma,
    Thanks for the Rakhi and wishes. If you beleive in God then may be waht ever happened is God’s wish to help the suffering human beings particularly the cause of gender biased Law through you.

    I am sure our efforts and sufferings will not be wasted.


  4. Gokul.P.R says:

    I recently heard this somewhere.

    “Pain is the sign and fore-runner of life, eg. when a birth happens there is unfathomable pain & stress, only for everyone to get into the next level of life & happiness. Conversely a lifr without pain is a void/non-existence!”.

    We are all evolving as we undergoe pain since they are lessons & associated tests, since every crisis is an opportunity in diguise”.

    For believers its made simple and Gita says it crisply “everything happens for a good reason”.

    We receive lessons, appropriately, as we need them in our life, nothing is unfair, in the final analysis everything falls perfectly into place. And the Guru appears in different forms as and when, and if in case, we need him in solving the puzzles of our life, its all ……gooooooddddddd.

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