Here are two examples of women who exhibited exemplary integrity when offered Rs. 25 lakhs to suppress the truth!

Convicts offer Rs 25 lakh to reduce term; rejected

Ahmedabad Even as the families of the five accused sentenced to life imprisonment in the sensational Bijal Joshi gangrape case offered to pay Rs 25 lakh to reduce the sentence in an open court on Tuesday, the victim’s sister, Vaishali, refused to accept it saying she only wanted justice for her deceased sister… Read more

The ambushing of witnesses

The dead cannot strike a deal so the living did. To bail out those who led the massacre of Sikhs in 1984. One witness was offered Rs 25 lakh to forget or not name the men who led the mob that killed 12 members of her family. She refused to give in. She was beaten and constantly threatened but she didn’t yield…Read more


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