Media Trial Before Court Trial

Eenadu news item - 15 October 2006

In India, trial by media happens LONG before court trial even begins. My case is no exception.

Here is an article, which appeared in the most widely circulated Telugu daily newspaper “Eenadu”.

The title of the article “peTaakulavutunna seemaantara peLLiLLu” (meaning “NRI marriages that are breaking down”), is one of the many articles which bashes NRI grooms, by citing “case studies”. This specific article is dear to me because this is a gift from MY PRINCESS.

I will not translate the entire article, but here is what the part shaded in yellow and outlined in red says:

A young woman from Saroornagar got married on 18 August 2005 to Anil who was settled in America. This alliance was brought by a marriage bureau. Anil went back to America 10 days after the wedding. The same year, on 13 September, he sent her visa papers. Thereafter, there was no response from him. After some days, upon seeing an email sent by Anil, she realized that she was cheated and complained to the Police. When Anil and his sister Gayathri, who cooperated with him, came to India by coincidence, the Police arrested them. It is because people in our country are not fully aware of foreign laws that such fraudsters are having a heyday.

As usual, the “victim” is an anonymous “young woman from Saroornagar” while the accused are not only named but also labeled as cheats and fraudsters!

Just FYI, this trial by media took place on Sunday, 15 October, 2006. The actual trial, after many many many adjournments, started sometime in September 2008 and ended in November 2009.


One Response to Media Trial Before Court Trial

  1. prashanth says:

    Dear Challa,

    we are the victims of 498a too and the a sudden morning when i was comeing back from office to home to US received a sudden call from india demanding 60lacks and the on the other side my parents were arrested by police.
    we did not yield to the demands and guess what happened after 8hrs my parents were in jail.

    we will fight these terrorists legally and make them to go jail.

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