Take Back The Night!

On the cold night of 28 December 2005:

An ailing father wailed in pain battling for life in Care Hospital, Secunderabad.

A weary wife and mother of three went to bed in her home to catch a few winks after many sleepless nights.

A soldier of the nation kept watch over his dying father.

Two young and distraught Non-Resident Indian scientists lay awake on a cold, dusty floor, locked up in Saroornager Police Station, unaware that they had been illegally detained and not knowing they would NEVER be able to see their father alive or dead EVER again.

As the sun rose the next morning, the sun set over the Challa family, with the news of the demise of Sri Suryanarayana, and in the name of the law of the land, the man’s own children were kept from seeing his body or bidding him good bye on his last journey.

This was a night when humanity, truth, fairness, law and justice were ruthlessly raped by LEGAL TERRORISTS.

Thousands of others have experienced similar nights and several may have lost their loved ones to LEGAL TERRORISM.

We may not be able to bring back the loved ones we lost, but in their honor and in honor of those who are still with us, let’s RECLAIM THE NIGHT!


4 Responses to Take Back The Night!

  1. Kris says:

    Sad! Very poignant!!

    There is no mortal justice that can recompense the loss suffered by your family. The redemption will be in exposing the hypocrisy of the charlatans enabling the Pappu’s of this world to inflict such unparalleled cruelty on unsuspecting families such as yours. The redemption will be in stripping the social parasites, like Indira Jaising, of their “social justice paradoxical veil” and standing them in their true nakedness.

    May this blog stand out as an instrument to that end!

  2. Gokul says:

    We should reclaim such nights for at least the future, we should not pass the buck on for others/our children to deal with(but on the contrary, if someone had dealt with this menace before us, we would not have been so socially responsible in the first place!).

  3. chanakya says:

    Nothing can bring us back the scary starry night.. What can compensate the pain and loss and the hours of insecurity and hours of unknown mysterious moments?

    That set aside, we can only work harder for making sure other children of this soil are not locked up for whimsical reasons… And the parents get to have their children beside them when they need them the most

    Today being vaikunta ekadasi, a very auspicious day, your father will be in our prayers..

  4. krishna says:

    we are with you…. and have the same anger boiling within us…..

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