Post-acquittal Photo Shoot

Here are our new t-shirts my brother and I designed, and the BIG 1 kilo chocolate gifted to us by my lawyer and his wife. 🙂

A2 and A1

A2 and A1

More pictures can be found on the following page:


6 Responses to Post-acquittal Photo Shoot

  1. Venu says:

    Great Ones. Can you take a T-shirt order from me in advance.


  2. Gokul.P.R says:

    Can i have the cake and eat it too 🙂

  3. Ravi Mishra says:

    Congrates..Just seeing the new design I am feeling Saluting..

    Love to see all the SIF members in new designed T Shirts.

    May God Bless you success in each and every dimension of Life.

    Ravi Mishra

  4. Equality says:

    Great Going. Hearty Congratulations. This will inspire more
    people, to fight against such injustice.


  5. This Idea is Excellent!!!!

    Ab toh Seena Tan ke Chalo 😀

  6. chanakya says:

    very nice … keep one for me too..:)

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