The much awaited trial – Part 2

August 3, 2009

Witness No. PW2
Name of Witness: P. Sita Mahalakshmi W/o P.V.Ramamurthy Age: 51 years
Occ. Teacher. R/o Kakinada
Date: 17/07/09

Chief Examination:

I am resident of Kakinada working as Teacher. PW1 is my daughter. A1 is my son-in-law. A2 is sister of A1. PW1 marriage was performed with A1 on 18/8/2005 in Kakinada at Kantipudi Subbamma (Chaudry’s) Kalyana mandapam as per Hindu rites and customs. In the presence of elders the marriage was performed. At the time of marriage the A1 and A2 used to say opposite to anything we say on everything in the marriage about food, about every culture they threatened and behaved very bad. At the time of marriage the elders of A1 and A2 said that the saree is not nice the saree will be worn by widows and said you are very experienced when the white saree will be worn and that elder behaved badly. After marriage they asked PW1 to come alone with them nobody should come with PW1. As per the arrangements to honeymoon all the tickers were booked to Vizag and araku. I went to the station to Samarlakota when they are returning from Vizag. But they did not come to Kakinada. On 27/8/2005 started from Kakinada on 28/8/2005 A1 went to America. After marriage the PW1 did not enjoy the customs. PW1 said that I did not eat anything and food also I did not eat in that 3 days. On Oct 14th 2005 A1 sent a letter in email to PW1 in that letter A1 mentioned that we cannot live happily and we will put a stop to the marriage life and we both cannot live. After that I went to the A1 elders and talked with them and the elders said that we will talk with A1 and settle the matter. Elders said before the marriage that A1 is very good. But after the marriage the same elders said that A1 is very bad and he will not listen to anybody and we do not know about A1 before marriage at the time of marriage we came to know about him. A1 mother said that A2 will interfere in the marriage life of A1 and PW1 and A1 will do what A2 says and you ask A2 only about this matter and I am not concerned anything about this. A1 and A2 paternal uncles (babais) Ch. Jagan Mohan Rao, Someswar Rao, Satyanarayana Rao said we will settle the matter and we went so many times but they did not settle the matter. When A1 father was ill, as a courtesy sake I went to see him to the hospital at that time A1 and A2 were present there and came from America. And I asked A1’s paternal uncles (babai) to settle the matter and they said they will settle. On 28/12/2005 we went to the Someshwara Rao’s house to settle the matter. But the matter was not settled. After that they are going to America. So, there is no other way to me so I filed a complaint. Even after case was filed A1 and A2 asking PW1 to give extra amount for the court costs. A1 has cheated us and married PW1. A1 is not giving divorce and A1 is harassing a lot and he is creating a blog in the name of Malathi. Because of this we are facing a lot of problem mentally and physically and they are making nuisance in our relatives about us. Police made counseling to the A1 and A2 and PW1 but A1 and A2 did not compromise. Police examined me and recorded the statement.

Cross examination by defense counsel:

Yes I am working as Teacher. I did M.A., B. Ed. In Telugu Medium. Yes can produce the certificates. I know how to write and read English. The marriage of A1 and PW1 took place on 18th and 19th midnight. They went to honeymoon  between 24/8/2005 to 28/8/2005 to Visakhapatnam. On 28/8/2005 A1 left to America. It is true that A1 and PW1 stayed only for 3 days in-laws house. It is true that the marriage was registered at Registrar office in Kakinanda on 28/8/05. I have 4 daughters. Names are Saroja, Sirisha, Malathi, Neelima. Saroja’s husband is a software engineer in America. Sirisha’s husband is a chartered accountant in Hyderabad. Neelima’s husband is working in Genesis company in Hitech City. I paid 4 lakhs as dowry to Saroja’s husband. Witness adds that I did not give as dowry as a gift I gave as a cash. I paid 4 lakhs to Sirisha’s husband as cash not as dowry. I paid 6 lakhs to Neelima’s husband as cash not as dowry. All the marriages of my daughters took place between 2000-2007. No I did not disclose in the income returns about these amounts. Because of exemption to women I have shown Nil returns witness adds whichever amount I gave was pertaining to my husband. My husband expired on 1999 June 13th. I don’t have agricultural lands except one house that is ancestral property. I that house my in-laws are residing. It is true that A1 has sent papers got getting a visa for my daughter. I do not know whether A1 father was in hospital or not when A1 and A2 were arrested. I do not know due to the arrest of A1 and A2 they did not attend the cremation of A1 and A2 father. It is true that PW1 did not mention about dowry in the ExP1. It is mentioned in the complaint about the mental harassment but did not mention about the physical harassment. Yes it is true police recorded my statement I mentioned only some topics but I did not mention some points. It is not true to suggest that if A1 had agreed to for grant of divorce we would never have filed complaint. Yes PW1 had filed divorce case in family court witness adds that A1 is harassing my daughter at the time of counseling A1 said to PW1 it is better to give divorce now or after 4 years. I have given evidence in the divorce OP. It is true that I stated before the family court that since A1 and A2 were fleeing the country I help my daughter to file criminal complaint. It is not true to suggest that because A1 and A2 are fleeing from country I filed a complaint. It is not true to suggest that I did not stated before the police as I stated now. It is not true to suggest that because we want divorce from A1 and therefore I filed a false complaint through PW1. It is not true to suggest that none of the incidents spoken by you are true.