Present Status

July 23, 2009

The present status of the cases is as below:

Criminal Case U/s 498A of IPC –

We have one more witness to go – the Investigating Officer. The two main witnesses, the mother and daughter duo, were a sight to behold when they took the stand and listened to themselves speaking blatant lies under oath. I wish them good sleep for the rest of their lives!

Divorce filed by Pappu Malathi in the Family Court:

All of Pappu Malathi’s witnesses have given their testimony and have been cross-examined. The mother’s cross-examination was a treat because it was held in open court instead of the advocate’s commission.

My brother’s petition seeking interim maintenance U/s 24 of HMA was set aside for orders a year ago, with no further progress. Had a woman filed for maintenance, she would have been granted interim maintenance immediately irrespective of how well off she is already.

Three perjury petitions had been filed on Pappu Malathi. The first one was admitted, hearing completed and orders pending for several months. The other two perjury petitions have been filed against all 5 witnesses including herself.

Pappu Malathi and her folks managed to appeal to anybody (including chaprasis) that would listen to them in the court to tell them how we are “harassing” them with new cases. Pappu Malathi was also caught rushing out of the court room and crying her eyes out standing under a tree in the Criminal Court complex. This was quite unusual since, earlier, like most 498A women, she shed crocodile tears INSIDE the court. After the genuine crying session under the tree, she seems to have had an epiphany, and her courage seems to have jumped up one notch, and the last time she was seen in Family Court laughing triumphantly, expressing her happiness for not being punished for uttering blatant lies all the time. Someone comes to court to force a quick divorce and obtain fat alimony, but is now just happy not to be punished for perjury (just because she is a woman) after 1 yr and 8 months of running around courts! This is what one calls, PERSPECTIVE.

It waits to be seen what the judge will decide to do with the legal terrorist/perjurer when the rule of thumb in today’s world is “protect the guilty and punish the innocent”.

I wish everyone who is supporting the legal terrorists good sleep for the rest of their lives!