The much awaited trial – Part 1

March 24, 2009

Here is the testimony of Pappu Malathi given under oath on 30.09.08:

I am the r/o Chikkadpally, Hyd. I am a householder. LW2 is my mother, A1 is my husband, A2 is my sister-in-law. My marriage with A1 was solemnized on 18.8.05 at Kantipudi Subbamma, Kamma Mahajana Kalyana Mandapam, Kakinada. At the time of marriage A1 was presented two gold rings, two silver plates and two silver glasses. After the marriage I joined with A1 at Hyderabad and we led marital life for 10 days, then he left for USA., he sent visa to me on 13.09.05. On 13.10.05 A1 mailed me stating that he don’t want to continue marital life with me as our views are different. When I phoned to him he stated the same fact to me. I also tried to contract with him through elders by phone but he didn’t life the phone. He came to India on 24.12.05 as his father became sick.  When I contacted him through elders, He stated that I can come to USA at any time but I have to stay there as bench and a chair with out any relation with him. A1 used to act as per the direction of A2. A1 threatened me that he will see my end. He harassed me mentally. He decided to rejected me. My father-in-law died on 29th. A1 also stated that it is better to live marital life with me 4 years later. When I continued to talk with him A2 asked A1 that there is no need to talk with me and also directed him to come along with her. A2 also abused my mother as stupid when she tried to talk with A1.

Then I prepared report to the police. Exp1 is the complaint police recorded my statement.

Cross examination:

Dated 30.10.08

I got my VISA to America on 13 Sep. 2005. After getting VISA I did not go to America. Till today I have not gone to America. My husband was arrested on 20.12.2005 at 10:30 p.m.  It is true that at that time I knew my father-in-law was in hospital. My father-in-law died on 29.12.2005 in the morning. It is true that because of his arrest, he could not attend his father’s funeral. The witness adds that she asked that A1 to hand over the passport to the police and then attend the funeral of his father but A1 refused to hand over the passport. It is true that A1’s passport was seized by police on the same day. I did not mention in ExP1 that I presented two gold rings, two silver plates and two silver glasses to the accused. I stated to the police that the said articles presented to A1. It is true that I never lived with A2 even for a day. It is true that I filed a divorce petition against A1 at Family Court. It is true that my husband filed a petition for perjury in the court in IA No. 768/08 in FC. OP 1102/07 on the file of Hon’ble Judge of Family Court, Hyd. I did not file counter in that IA. I am working as Officer, Revenue Assurance Department since Dec. 2007. My salary is Ten thousand rupees. It is not true to suggest that I filed this case against A1 and A2 to harass them and to extort money from them. ExD1 is the application and affidavit IA No. 768/07 filed by A1 in the F Court.