Case moves to “examination stage”

October 25, 2007

For mysterious reasons, the judge is taking keen interest in our case lately. Whatever his intentions may be it is something amazing to hear about things “moving” in Indian courts. The court moved our case to the “examination stage” today, Oct. 25, 2007. What does that mean? Technically, it means that now charges against us (filed without any investigation, of course) will be “examined” by the judge, as opposed to the routine monthly “dates” we have been given for the last 1 year and 10 months, where one has to just show their face to the judge only to get another new date the following month. Examination is typically followed by trial, which involves direct examination and cross examination by lawyers of either parties. Finally, the judge pronounces the verdict.

I noticed some bleeding hearts around who are too eager to pass their own judgments saying, “you need to be kicked, beaten and hanged to death”, without knowing the facts of the case (other than the ones I have provided from my case diary). So, just FYI, we are still in the trial stage. Also, just so that you know, there is an assigned judge whose job is to listen to both sides and pass the verdict. So, no matter how much you hate it, you will just have to wait it, and watch the case unfold.