Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to my sister-in-law and all those like her who served as a trigger for me to see the world from a whole new perspective. My sister-in-law holds the honor of posing some of the greatest challenges on me and my family, and helped us better understand what matters most in life. If not for her, I would not be involved in a noble cause called “Save Indian Family”. If not for her I would not have met some of the most passionate and wonderful human beings. If not for her I would have not got an opportunity to practice the ideals that I stood for all my life. May god bless her with a long life so that she may understand how she has helped lay the foundation for social change.


5 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Gokul says:

    I am touched by your realisations, that your sister in law did good for you after all. To think that she has been god sent is another way to think of her as divine!. We should love these girls for what they did for us, but at the same time we should bring them to justice without any laxity since they have to do once more good deed in their life, that is to serve as an example of what family terrorists end up as!.

  2. Kris says:

    This is a great way to bring these celebrities into the limelight. It is a pity so many of them are languishing in a very undeserved anonymous existence. I am sure they would really appreciate your help in publicising their awesome achievements for this not-so-concerned, apathetic world.

    I really appreciate if you can add links to other blogs/sites/destinations that have details of these celebrities, so the other victims can steer clear of them.

  3. santha says:

    There are a chosen few human beings by the lord to mend the society when it is going hay way. Boldness and god strength auto lives with such people. They live the life as LIFE.

    Bad things happening in a society is just bcause of people avoiding worst realities happening around them and busy with their lives.

    We need protection of women BUT not a BLIND law/s which protects bad women – SIF fight is for this purpose.

  4. Shani says:


    You are the strength and inpiration for thousands of people across the Globe.
    I commend you on your efferts and audacity

    Keep moving !!!
    Keep motivating !!

  5. Napal S Ranavat says:

    Wish your contribution will give a ray of hope and strength to fight the misuse of this law to the future of Innocent husbands and their family.


    I still wonder what’s GOD upto ? What have we done to deserve this…..

    This is the begining ………..to end the misuse of 498-A……….a long road ahead of us.

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